CUPA Compliance Inspection, Alcoa Fastening Systems, Fullerton, California

In 2014, Stratus Environmental, Inc. (Stratus) was retained to conduct a CUPA inspection and certification of newly installed hazardous waste storage tanks at the Alcoa Fastening Systems facility in Fullerton California. Alcoa changed the management of three waste streams at the facility and transitioned the storage of concentrated acid waste (nitric and hydrochloric), sodium cyanide, and caustic waste streams into replacement above ground storage. Stratus’ inspection was conducted in accordance with the Orange County Health Care Agency requirements and the Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR) 66265192(b). During the initial inspection, several issues were identified and recommendations presented to Alcoa pertaining to separation of wastes, chemical compatibilities, and secondary containment. Upon completion of the recommendations, Stratus will certify the tank usage for five years.