Former Aloha Market, Placerville, CA

For the past 40 years, this approximately 2-acre commercial site has been used as a fueling and service station. Fuel product contamination was first identified in 1998, and in 2003 the fueling activities were ceased by county order. The site operators abandoned the facility and the responsibility for the site was transferred to the property owners. At the owners’ request, Stratus personnel assisted them in navigating through the regulatory requirements associated with soil and groundwater impacted media.

Project challenges include petroleum product contamination in soil and groundwater and a lack of funds to pay for investigation and/or remediation.

First, Stratus personnel assisted the owners in preparing a request for funding through the State Water Resource Control Board Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund. Upon owner notification of acceptance into the Fund program, Stratus personnel prepared and implemented underground storage tank (UST) removal activities, and work plans to investigate the extent of site contamination and conduct groundwater remediation. Duties included performing a detailed risk assessment to establish site-specific clean-up objectives and a human health risk assessment. The site investigation phase including the installation of 9 groundwater monitoring wells (6 onsite wells and 3 offsite wells) and 2 vapor extraction wells and limited excavation (based on shallow bedrock) is complete; however, remediation consisting of a Dual Phase Extraction System (soil vapor and groundwater) is on-going. A Dual Phase Extraction pilot test was implemented to assess the most practical and effective remedial alternative. In addition, an off-site domestic well is routinely sampled for the presence of MTBE. Stratus personnel assisted the owners in preparation and submittal of reimbursement requests to the UST Fund. The site has been redeveloped with county concurrence and is now leased by a modular home business.