Martell Redevelopment

Project Profile
Location: Martell, CA
Owner: Private Lumber Company
Entire Construction Cost: $50-75 million (current and immediate future phases)
Consultant/Engr. Cost: $300,000
Square Footage/Area: 250 acres +/-
Completion Date: On-going

Over 60 years of industrial site use, an accumulation of contaminants and materials of concern were buried during different periods of site changes, layouts and structures, including mine tailings.

Stratus personnel were involved in conducting the site assessment (Phase I), site investigation (Phase II) and remediation services (Phase III). Stratus personnel developed and designed cost effective remediation solutions.

Project Challenges

The lumber mill site contained several areas of contaminated soils and mine tailings requiring a plan that would remedy these unacceptable conditions at the lowest possible cost yet still meet the high standards of the county and state oversight agencies.

Stratus Solutions
Stratus personnel maintained staff available for quick response time as required to maintain construction schedules and reduce financial losses due to delays or down times during the removal and remediation of contaminated materials. Stratus personnel prepared work plans for site remediation actions for submittal to county and state agencies and established clean-up goals for petroleum affected soils identified on site. Clean-up goals and remediation action plans were approved by county and state agencies. Stratus interfaced with county inspectors during identification of impacted materials, and negotiations for remediation actions. Placement of petroleum affected soil and mine tailings under finished surface paving was the primary method of remediation. Creative solutions saved the client $400,000 in unnecessary remediation fees. Additionally, Stratus personnel coordinated off-site disposal of other designated waste with landfills, excavation contractors and haulers, and performed direction and oversight of monitoring well destructions and installation of new wells following site improvements.