Stratus personnel has been involved, additionally, in the mining projects noted below as well as with other numerous mining site evaluations for private landowners in the Sierra Nevada.

Brunswick Mine:
Mine waste rock and tailings assessment, groundwater and surface water evaluation located in Nevada County.

Patterson Sand & Gravel:
Mining Reclamation Plan and Waste Discharge Requirements in Placer and Yuba Counties.

Private Party, Grass Valley:
Arsenic assessment for a proposed parcel division in Nevada County on a property that included the historic Ben Franklin and Alaska Mines.

Plymouth Rock Mill Site :
Environmental evaluation for a proposed subdivision on a property that included a mine stamp mill and mill tailings in Amador County.

Marin Quarry :
Mining Reclamation Plan for an aggregate mining quarry in El Dorado County. Completed an Industrial SWPPP for the inactive quarry and prepare financial assurance documents (on-going).

Camino Lumber Mill :
On-site mine audit investigation in El Dorado County.

Private Party, Lotus Area :
Mine mill tailings assessment in El Dorado County.

Dry Creek Assessment :
Mine mill tailings assessment in Amador County.

Private Party, Auburn :
Mine waste rock and mine tailings testing and analysis, county record research, mine safety analysis, and reporting.