Union Mine Landfill – El Dorado County Environmental Management Department

Stratus Environmental personnel were responsible for providing engineering services for the Union Mine Landfill which consisted of installation of perimeter gas probes. Stratus personnel provided drilling and probe construction coordination, bore hole logging, construction oversight, probe survey and boring log/probe construction logs.

Stratus personnel was also responsible for providing construction quality assurance for the Union Mine Landfill which consisted of geotechnical monitoring, observation and testing of a 13.6-acre portion of the landfill. Stratus personnel provided construction oversight and documentation for the preparation of the subgrade, the placement of a geotextile cushion layer, installation of a 60-mil LLDPE liner, and a geocomposite drainage net. In addition, staff observed and documented the placement of a 1-foot think vegetative cover and the construction of surface water features. Stratus personnel were also responsible for certifying that the landfill was closed in accordance with the approved CQA Plan specifications and applicable codes.

During installation of this 3-layer landfill cover, Stratus personnel observed density/moisture testing on the foundation material, and as part of quality assurance Stratus personnel observed and documented the survey of the top of the certified foundation layer prior to the placement of the geosynthetics, the top of the certified vegetative layer to confirm the 1 foot thickness of the vegetative layer, and the completed surface drainage features of the final cover.