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Budgeting, and Economic Analysis

Stratus Project Managers are constantly involved in balancing the capital supply and demand cycles from an individual project level to overall financial management of a client. Our investment and economic principles are driven by simple and fundamental cost-benefit analysis, and the overall value it brings to the client. The budgeting process, in general focuses on short-term working capital requirements and long-term growth of the company. Simple excel tracking spreadsheets provide the budget tracking mechanisms at the project level for managers.

Stratus has earned the reputation of consistently completing projects within the allocated budgets. Our clients very often are interested in understanding the life cycle costs for a project, including an economic analysis of alternative remedial technologies. Given the experience we have in implementing various remedial technologies, we have developed detailed cost spreadsheets to evaluate and compare costs. It is the team’s vast experience that once again prepares a detailed task by task breakdown of anticipated costs and a timeline for each of the tasks.