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Claim Preparation and Eligibility

It is our observation that current property owners or companies with existing environmental liabilities are often not the eligible claimant to the USTCF. Lack of funding or financial resources to pay for environmental cleanup could cost thousands of dollars and could often mean end of a business. Identifying sources of funding and/or procuring known funding can be vital for the survival of a business. Therefore, working through the Fund requirements of property transfers and assignments of these reimbursement rights (assignment of claims) is a critical process in determining the eligibility of the claim applications and the transfer of the letter of commitment.

Stratus brings an unparalleled track record of successfully negotiating eligibility applications, and commingled plume, brown field and orphan site applications, with the UST Cleanup Fund for site eligibility. Our approach to reimbursement has enabled us to recover current and past monies spent for investigation, remediation, and cleanup.