Industrial Chemicals/Pesticide Investigation for DTSC, Salinas

Stratus was selected based on cost and expertise to conduct a Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA) under direct contract to the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) for a proposed elementary school in Alisal Union School District in the City of Salinas, Monterey County, California. The PEA project was funded under a State Response Program Cooperative Agreement between DTSC and the USEPA and performed by Stratus in full accordance with DTSC and EPA guidance documents, with which Stratus is familiar and experienced. The Site consisted of approximately 11 acres of active and fallow farmland upon which pesticides and other industrial chemicals had been purposely applied and accidentally spilled/released. During this project, Stratus planned and conducted an assessment to characterize impact to the subsurface and to facilitate a human health risk assessment to evaluate if the property could be used in the future as a school.

Stratus collected several dozen soil/water samples which were analyzed for organochlorine pesticides and arsenic, and conducted a human health screening evaluation based on the laboratory analytical results. Non-cancer hazard quotients and estimated cancer risks were calculated based on a residential exposure scenario. This project was completed under budget and on an extremely rapid timeline as required by the DTSC and associated grant monies. Stratus received written praise and recognition from both the technical oversight unit within DTSC, and their contracts departments.