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Emergency Spill Response

Stratus Environmental, Inc. has successfully developed and implemented emergency response plans and services for petroleum transportation/distribution companies, bulk fuel storage facilities, gasoline service stations, and cardlock fueling stations. Our emergency response services have been adopted and developed in accordance with comprehensive requirements set forth by the following agencies: Department of Transportation (DOT), United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), United States Coast Guard National Spill Response Center, California State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB), Department of Fish and Game (DFG), and local environmental health departments.

Spills rarely occur at convenient times or locations. Stratus maintains a 24-hour toll-free telephone number that is answered by a live human being; one phone call to Stratus’ emergency spill response line initiates a cascade of protocols that allows you to focus on your business and employees during the situation. We make all of the required notifications for you while we initiate the spill response/cleanup with a local response contractor that will respond quickly and efficiently.

Emergency spill response and cleanup costs can quickly skyrocket if mismanaged; our approach focuses on in-the-field assessment and management of each unique spill situation, and efficient deployment and utilization of personnel and equipment. Our field spill response managers have developed relationships with many of the responding agencies often encountered when there is a spill. These relationships have proven invaluable when recommending crew-size/spill response level reduction, greatly reducing cost and cleanup time.

  • Toll-Free 24-Hour Emergency Response Hotline
  • Regulatory Agency Notification and Liaison
  • Spill Cleanup Contractor Acquisition and Management
  • Permit Application, Acquisition, and Reporting
  • Spill Prevention Assessments and Staff Training
  • Waste Disposal Management