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Fate and Transport Modeling

Stratus professionals use a variety of numerical models to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment options and natural attenuation in removing contaminant mass from a site. These models utilize current and historical site data in conjunction with other predictive approaches (e.g. groundwater modeling) to estimate contaminant removal/reduction rates, and to project likely timeframes for reaching remediation goals and water quality objectives.

We have successfully utilized these tools, in combination with our understanding of site hydrogeologic and geochemical conditions, to gain regulatory approval of cleanup solutions using monitored natural attenuation, and to move sites toward closure based on a comparison of site conditions to risk-based or environmental screening levels (RBSLs and ESLs, respectfully). Stratus geologists and engineers are experienced at modeling the fate and transport of petroleum hydrocarbon impact in the subsurface environment, including MODFLOW, Dominico, and BIOSCREEN.