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General Contracting

Stratus personnel with support from our outside legislative team, have experience executing complex contracts with small ‘mom and pop’ companies to fortune 500 companies. We have experience negotiating master service agreements with select suppliers and contractors that are routinely utilized that accept and adhere to contracts with our clients resulting in significant liability protection for our clients. Our administrative staff have the experience in monitoring contract requirements including invoice formats, frequency and compliance with contract communication.

In addition, Stratus maintains insurance coverage in line with industry standards and passes down the contract specific insurance requirement to the subcontractors to maintain a high level of liability protection to our clients. Construction contracts between Stratus and its contractors have specific detail to ensure contractor compliance with design drawings and specifications and client requirements. Our engineering staff and construction oversight managers had experience executing the contracts and limiting change orders. Prior to retaining a contractor, a thorough vetting process have undertaken to ensure contractor compliance with our insurance and safety standards.