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Groundwater Monitoring and Field Sampling Services

At Stratus, we understand how seemingly routine monitoring and sampling activities can significantly impact remediation design and site closure decisions; therefore, we maintain a culture that stresses the importance of field sampling and its implications on the overall project objectives.

Stratus’ field technicians have many years experience, and are proficient at a variety of sampling techniques and field activities including:

  • Monitoring and sampling
  • Remedial system sampling (both water and vapor)
  • Well development
  • Compliance soil and water sampling for UST removal
  • Surface water and storm water runoff sampling
  • Solid waste stream sampling
  • Wellhead maintenance and repair

Stratus provides all field equipment required to conduct groundwater monitoring and sampling, including field sampling trailers, trucks, pumps, bailers, meters, and cleaning equipment.

All sampling equipment is maintained in top operating condition. All sampling equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each use, and to further prevent cross-contamination, disposable equipment is used wherever possible. Clear, concise field notes of measurements and sampling conditions are maintained throughout the sampling procedure. Water samples are collected in containers supplied by the analytical laboratory to ensure they are properly preserved and adequate sample volume is collected. Samples are transported to the laboratory under strict chain-of-custody protocol.

Stratus field personnel are sensitive to the impact each sample can have on the successful outcome of a project. The breadth and depth of our sampling experience ensures that only the highest quality sample is collected each and every time. In addition to the strict protocol followed by field personnel during sample collection, and by the laboratory during analysis, the entire program is performed under a Quality Assurance Program (QAP). All field and laboratory analytical data are reviewed by a Stratus QA officer to determine completeness, representativeness, accuracy, precision, sensitivity to MDLs, laboratory procedures, and chain-of-custody, etc.

We use 40-hour HAZWOPER trained employees with significant experience in monitoring and sampling. At Stratus, we develop and maintain a culture that reiterates the importance of field work and its implications on the overall project objectives. All field personnel are under a medical surveillance program to monitor personnel health. Stratus maintains a site Health and Safety Plan that is strictly followed by all field personnel.