Independent Service Station, San Mateo

This environmental liability property, which was formerly occupied by a service station, has been sold and re-developed as a strip mall with a retail automotive parts sales store. Subsurface investigations by Stratus revealed that shallow groundwater beneath the property (6 feet bgs) is impacted with a predominately TPHG/BTEX plume with very low MTBE levels. The property owner wanted an aggressive approach to have appropriate remediation activities completed to manage the environmental case towards closure; however, severe space limitations and concerns by the strip mall tenants inhibited construction of a sufficiently sized compound that could contain ex-situ remediation equipment.

To solve these problems from both a property-owner standpoint and a cost-effective yet technically feasible standpoint, Stratus conducted a series of mass removal remediation events using a trailer-mounted mobile DPE system to remediate the soil and groundwater impact over time. The mass removal events significantly reduced the concentration in groundwater and the site is now under a low-cost MNA remediation plan.