India Office Locations

Stratus has opened a Chennai office in the IIT Madras Research Park Center and has retained professional and administrative staff to support operations within the region. This location allows us to work closely with IIT personnel and regulatory agencies. Initially, Stratus intends to utilize the services of experienced US registered engineers and geologists, to oversee operations and to train technical staff in the Chennai office. In addition to the Chennai office, Stratus, has also opened a small office in Secunderabad, India.

In order to implement the level of assessment and remediation technologies consistent with that being employed in the U.S., Stratus has made a considerable investment in equipment, instruments, materials, and supplies. Since most of the environmental issues that are currently being addressed require technical capabilities that are not readily available in India, Stratus has procured necessary equipment to conduct complete subsurface assessments (including depth discrete soil and groundwater sampling) using a newly designed limited access drilling rig equipped with direct push drilling technology and hydropunch tooling. Remediation equipment such as thermal and catalytic oxidizers and ozone systems have also been purchased for use during pilot studies, interim and long-term remediation. Also, Stratus has imported a hollow-stem auger drilling rig to facilitate installation of groundwater monitoring and remediation wells consistent with current standards in the US. Additional equipment and instrumentation will be necessary as project scopes dictate and Stratus is committed to using the most technically current equipment/instruments available.

Chennai Office:
01, J, A2Firstfloor
IITM Research Park
Kanagam Road, Taramani
Ph: 044-66469-884
Hyderabad Office:
Raj Block, Suite 105
Padma Rao Nagar Inner Road
Opposite S.P.College
Padma Rao Nagar
Secunderabad, Telangana 500061