Environmental Services in India

Stratus Environmental, Inc. (Stratus), a leading provider of environmental and engineering services to manufacturers and petroleum refiners, distributors, and retail operators in the United States, expanded their operations to India in 2014. Stratus specializes in the assessment and cleanup of soil and groundwater that has been impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons (e.g. gasoline, diesel, etc.) and industrial discharge (e.g. PCE, TCE, Hexavalent chromium, etc.). Stratus identified India as an emerging market, particularly in the industries of solid waste, petrochemicals, and waste water. Stratus intends to offer clients in India a comprehensive suite of consulting, design, and construction services related to assessment, and remediation of contaminated sites, wastewater treatment (ETP) and solid waste management.

Over the last three decades, India has seen a rapid industrialization and economic growth resulting in the impact of natural resources and the environment. These environmental issues have ranged from unacceptable air quality to contaminated groundwater and surface water bodies, affecting the quality of life and threatening human health in some communities. Recently there has been a significant cultural and political shift, both within the corporate world and in the general public, demanding restoration of highly contaminated and polluted areas. Steps are being taken by the regulatory community to address environmental impact from catastrophic releases and severely contaminated sites that are adversely affecting the general public. The regulatory community and industries are working closely with premier educational institutions such as Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), to develop technical knowhow and identify solutions that results in bringing in knowledgeable and experienced remediation consultants such as Stratus to execute the cleanup.

The United States has led the way in setting up a regulatory framework, developing remedial technologies, and implementing actions to mitigate contaminated sites. As the environmental engineering in the USA has evolved, a proven and standard level of practice has emerged. Stratus has been part of this evolution, specifically the capability to provide these practices at competitive pricing. Over the last 15 years, Stratus has been able to secure contracts from large corporations with complex environmental problems to smaller companies with minor environmental compliance issues. With Stratus' experience and understanding of India's complex cultural/social setting, we believe it puts us in a unique position to provide proven and comprehensive solutions at competitive pricing to the environmental issues that face India today.

The combination of the recent cultural shift, political will, and increased awareness of impending threats to human health in India, has resulted in a viable market for environmental consulting. We intend to bring our experience, knowledge, pricing structure, and modern technology to India. Stratus is pleased to be part of the Indian environmental renaissance, and to be able to introduce modern, state of the practice approaches to environmental solid waste management, site characterization, and remediation in India.