Textile Dying Facility

Stratus was retained by the Kanchipuram Dyers association to evaluate adequacy of their pre-treatment system and provide engineering solutions to supplement existing treatment facilities to meet suspended solids, total dissolved solids and color requirements prior to discharge from their facilities. A large number of small dyers it the town of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu were shut down by the Local courts due to non-compliance with their pre-treatment facilities. Stratus teamed up with Indian Institute of Madras to provide consultation services to the dyers association and help the individual dyeing units. The scope of work consisted of evaluating the existing pre-treatment facilities to remove suspended solids, dissolved solids and color from their effluent and if found to be in non-compliance with Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board’s norms then supplement the design of the pre-treatment to meet norms. Stratus conducted site visits to inspect 61 dyeing facility that were paid members, created a questionnaire to collect structural and functional information of the pre-treatment facilities, operational methodologies that resulted in effluent. In addition, we teamed with IITM to conduct laboratory testing of the effluent from silk and cotton dyeing facilities to identify optimum dosage for the effluent streams.