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Mass Removal Events

Mass removal events are tailored for projects with limited (manageable onsite) impact or for sites that are impacted significantly (with receptors nearby). Soil Vapor Extracton (SVE), Dual-Phase Extraction (DPE), ozone injection (OI), and batch groundwater extraction are some of the most commonly used technologies. Mass removal events, where applicable, are more cost effective than full scale active remediation, and can be a regulatory negotiation tool along with RBCA and trend analysis. Availability of power, length of remediation required, and cost are the key criteria in determining if a mass removal event is an appropriate strategy. Stratus has completed mass removal events with durations varying from several weeks to a year.

Stratus is dedicated to finding cost effective solutions for our clients. Within two months of being retained for environmental services, Stratus completed a one month SVE mass removal event at a former gasoline service station in San Jose, California, that resulted in the site being considered for case closure by the overseeing regulatory agency. At a similar SVE mass removal event performed at a site in Marysville, California, Stratus elected to procure electrical service (rather than use a generator) that resulted in a $25,000 cost savings (generator and fuel) to our client.