Mid Sierra Towing Company, Auburn, California

Stratus Environmental, Inc. is currently performing consulting services at a property in Auburn, Placer County, California, that is impacted with metals, glycols, and petroleum hydrocarbon contaminants. This facility is being regulated by the DTSC under a voluntary cleanup agreement. The property has been used for decades for purposes that include towing and vehicle storage and car crushing. In order to begin investigating the extent of impact at the property, Stratus prepared a Preliminary Endangerment Assessment (PEA) work plan for the site. The scope of work developed in this work plan included research regarding the historical property use over time. After initial soil boring and soil and groundwater sampling work, Stratus presented the findings of the work to the DTSC. Agency personnel subsequently deemed that further work was necessary to complete the PEA process, due to elevated concentrations of metals across the property. In the summer of 2015, Stratus anticipates using portable x-ray fluorescence equipment to field screen the soil across an ‘area of interest’ across the property. The field screening should assist in focusing future drilling activities in order to maximize site assessment progress using a minimum number of soil borings. Stratus will also be installing groundwater monitoring wells in order to allow for collection of repeatable groundwater samples and evaluation of groundwater flow patterns.