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Mold Analysis

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Analytical Services:

Stratus Environmental uses advanced analytical testing procedures and has implemented a stringent quality assurance program to assure the highest level of accuracy of results. We provides test results for your mold samples in a timely and cost effective manner with due diligence and health and safety in mind. We maintain the highest level of customer service and technical support to our customers.

Credentials and Experience Make a Difference

Our mold sample analyst has over 10 years experience in bio-aerosol analysis making us a very reputed IAQ analysis company in California. Our reference library contains key mycology books that are used to confirm the identity of mold when needed.

Our Turn-Around-Times and Customer Service

Standard turnaround time for a mold spore trap analysis is 24 hours.  In addition, we also provide faster turnaround (same day and 3 hours rush) and surface microscopic sample reports with microphotograph of the sample analysis that clearly identifies what is in the sample. This is particularly supportive in showing your clients what they are breathing or when providing evidence in disputed matters. Showing a visual representation makes it considerably easier to explain the need for your services.

Though we strive to make mold spore trap analysis and direct microscopic surface exam reports are easy to understand, when the answers to your clients’ questions are not readily apparent, our microbiologist can answer your questions anytime.

Our Analysis Services:


We analyze a variety of spore traps including Zefon Air-O-Cell, Allergenco, Burkard, Cyclex , Micro 5 and Versa Trap.

In our report, the types of spores are identified as outside spores, inside/outside spores, or water related spores.  In addition, our spore trap analysis includes the quantity and type of background particulate.  This information is often useful in determining the nature of the problem your customer faces, and whether filtration, remediation, or environmental control provides the best solution.

Spore trap samples are analyzed with a compound light microscope.  Counts are derived by viewing 25% of the trace containing the spores and particles at 400X.  The trace is then viewed 100% at 200X to identify any larger spores that occur in small amounts that were not viewed at the higher magnification. In addition to the customary identification of mold spore types and quantity, our spore trap reports will also report e pollen counts and background particulate density.


Surface Microscopic Mold exam includes: Bulk, Swab & Tapes samples

This category of test includes the viewing of spores collected on tape slides, swabs and bulk. We typically will view a 1-2 cm square area on a tape.  Swabs are rubbed onto a tape to view the contents. Bulk samples are viewed at low power (200x - 400x) to determine areas that might contain spores or fungal growth.