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NPDES Permitting

Congress passed the federal Clean Water Act of 1972; this Act formed the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit Program. The main goals of the NPDES Program are to control the amount of pollution that can enter waters of the United States and protect the beneficial uses of all streams and lakes. Stratus has the expertise, knowledge, and experience necessary to provide our clients with surface water permits that comply with the NPDES for municipalities, industrial facilities, and construction sites.

  • Preparation of Sampling/Analysis Plans
  • Collection of Required Monitoring Data
  • Calculation of Potential Effluent Quality and Water-Quality Based Effluent Limits
  • Assistance in Collection of Necessary Information and Data
  • Preparation of NPDES Permit Application Form
  • Review of the Public Notice and Preparation of Formal Comments