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Operation and Maintenance

Stratus specializes in performing operations and maintenance (O&M) of various types of remediation systems, from corner gas station system to large landfill flares. Personnel performing O&M services for our company have over 15 years of experience and operated most system installed at environmental cleanup sites. These individuals have the necessary background and expertise not only to perform routine O&M duties, but also to troubleshoot, optimize, repair, refurbish, and calibrate the treatment systems, in order to maximize system performance, achieve a high percentage of operational uptime, and to assure compliance with agency directives and permits. Over the years, our staff have attended numerous manufacturer specific training courses and have worked extensively with representatives of these manufacturers.

The effectiveness of the remediation system greatly depends of the systems’ performance and its response to changing site conditions (moisture, temperature, concentrations, etc.). We understand the design, construction, and performance of the systems, and are therefore suited to perform system O&M.

Following are types of remediation systems that we have maintained and operated:

  • Thermal and catalytic oxidizers (SVE units) manufactured by King Buck and Associates, Stealth Industries, Solleco, Mako, Soil Therm, Baker Furnace, Thermtech, and Airex.
  • Dual Phase systems manufactured by Solleco and H2O Oil Recovery, with liquid ring pumps from Trivini Pumps and Dekker Vacuum.
  • Groundwater P&T systems using Grundfos electric submersible pumps and GAC (from Calgon, Clear Creek, and US Filter) or shallow tray air strippers. Pneumatic pumps manufactured by CEE and QED.
  • Air sparge compressors from Gast and Ingersoll Rand.
  • Ozone sparge systems manufactured by Calcon, Applied Process Technology, H2O Engineering, and Kerfoot Technologies.
  • ISOC Systems (insitu oxygen curtain) manufactured by Environmental Bio-Systems.
  • Reciprocating, rotary vane, and liquid-ring vacuum blowers manufactured by Fuji, Tuthill, Roots Dresser, Sutorbuilt, and Dekker.
  • Landfill flares and condensate removal systems.
  • Passive and active LPH recovery systems, including proper storage and disposal of product water mixture.
  • Insitu bioremediation systems using hydrogen peroxide and microbes.