Our UST Cleanup Fund Experience and Service

A large portion of our business comes from individuals with properties that are participating in California’s UST Cleanup Fund. At present, we manage more than 100 individual retailer sites that are actively completing environmental work and receiving reimbursement for that work through the Cleanup Fund. In addition to our sound planning, management and execution of the technical aspects of the assessment/cleanup work, Stratus provides full service with respect to the Cleanup Fund program and the financial benefits this program offers to people of the state.

Specifically, Stratus can assist in the initial application to the Fund, change/assignment of claim applications, Fund-compliant invoice formats, reimbursement request preparation, providing you with an understanding of the nuances within the USTCF program, and assistance in maneuvering within its constantly changing regulations. The ability to get sites successfully approved into the USTCF can significantly affect a company’s ability to pay for these cleanups and reduce a potential negative cash flow. Over the last 12 years, Stratus has successfully invoiced over $40 million dollars to the USTCF on behalf of our clients. Our Fund-praised invoice format and through reimbursement packages, has resulted in over 98% recovery of our initial submittals from the USTCF. Stratus’ ability to close the loop between investigation, remediation, and cost recovery activities allows us to bring a complete package to our clients that is recognized for its quality work product and valued for our fiscal awareness.