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Paid-when-Paid Contracts

Since we are highly experienced, have spent years working intimately within the Fund’s reimbursement program, and have complete confidence in the completeness of our reimbursement submittals, Stratus can offer Fund-eligible clients a wholly paid-when-paid contract. This means that Stratus will perform all required environmental work and pay subcontractors, as long as the client remains in good standing with the Fund, and will then invoice the client and simultaneously prepare/submit a reimbursement request to the USTCF for the funds to pay Stratus’ invoice. Once reimbursed by the USTCF, the client will then pay Stratus. It is our years of experience, highly refined administrative processes, and knowledge of the Fund’s solvency and limits that allows Stratus to offer, this highly-desirable financial tool for managing their fiscal environmental problems to our clients.