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Regulatory Liaison and Negotiations

We are well acquainted with California regulations and personnel. We feel that our well-deserved reputation is the result of developing straight forward assessments, and practical and common sense remedial solutions. Environmental regulations that define acceptable cleanup goals leave considerable latitude for regulatory mangers. In many cases, the state of the science, particularly in risk assessment, leaves room for interpretation. In such a regulatory climate, effective agency negotiation can save thousands of dollars in site cleanup costs. Based on past experience, we know that reasonable and affordable cleanup goals will be supported when cooperative negotiations include the client, the regulatory agency, and the consultant.

Managers within Stratus also have a proven track record in negotiating with the various agencies, including EPA, DHS, DTSC, RWQCBs, SWRCB, and LOP Counties. Often the negotiations are based on meeting the project requirements for field and analytical data by developing practical solutions that are acceptable to both our clients and the regulatory agencies.