Rio Vista Closed Landfill – Rio Vista, California

Stratus provided environmental consulting services to City of Rio Vista between 2004 and to 2010. Our services for the City of Rio Vista’s closed municipal landfill entailed general project management and all interface with Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) on behalf of the City, scheduling and performance of quarterly groundwater monitoring and semi-annual groundwater sampling, site visit/inspection coordination, and semi-annual and annual technical report preparation and professional certification. Stratus also developed, prepared and submitted a Post Closure Maintenance Plan, on behalf of the City, in accordance with the RWQCB and IWMB.

In addition, Stratus provided landfill cap, soil cover and vegetation maintenance services upon request from the City. Landfill cover inspections were performed on a biweekly basis (weekly during the rainy season) to inspect for evidence of erosion, daylighting of final CAP layer through the soil/vegetative cover, and changes to the vegetation (encroachment of weeds and unacceptable plant type and deep rooting). Stratus prepared work plans to repair seasonal damage that were submitted to the RWQCB for approval of compliance with the WDR, and supervised City of Rio Vista contactors performing the repair work. Rainwater runoff samples were collected after precipitation events.

During our tenure as the City of Rio Vista’s landfill consultant, Stratus worked hard to build a positive relationship with the RWQCB regulator for the former landfill, and brought the landfill into (and maintained) full compliance with the WDR and MRP requirements. We accomplished this despite three changes in “interim” City managers/engineers over the span of five years, and were able to assist each new City manager/engineer in coming up to speed on the project.

Stratus is intimately familiar with RWQCB regulations for post closure maintenance of closed municipal landfills. We have developed and streamlined concise and complete report formats that comply with the requirements without providing extraneous information. In providing landfill closure management for the City of Rio Vista, we believe Stratus has developed a sound knowledge base and experience with WDR/MRPs for closed landfills, statistical analysis of groundwater data, management of soil cover and vegetation, and compliance with RWQCB directives.