Stratus provides comprehensive environmental consulting and project management services to private and public sector companies. Our breadth of service is outlined in the list below.

Environmental Services – All sectors

  • Assessment and characterization of contamination to soil and groundwater
    (petrol, diesel, and industrial chemical contamination).
  • Exploratory soil borings for depth-discrete soil sampling
  • Installation of wells to monitor groundwater and soil vapor.
  • Hydrogeological studies, aquifer testing, and groundwater flow modeling.
  • Routine sampling of monitoring wells and surface waters.
  • Surface soil and surface water sampling.
  • Site conceptual models.
  • Risk-based corrective action plans
  • Design and installation of contaminant remediation systems.
  • Installation of wells to remediate high soil vapor concentrations
    and groundwater contamination.
  • Remediation of surface soil and surface water contamination.
  • Remediation system operation and maintenance.
  • Environmental data management.
  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and property transaction
    due diligence.
  • Effluent Treatment Plant audits and due diligence.
  • Environmental health and safety (EH&S) audits.

Sectors Served
  • Petroleum
    • Retail operations (gas stations, industrial fueling installations)
    • Bulk storage and distribution terminals
    • Refineries
    • Pipelines
  • Agrichemical and fertilizer manufacturing
  • Tannery operations
  • Textile dying operations
  • Electroplating facilities
  • Heavy manufacturing
  • Light industrial facilities