Active Gasoline Service Station, 6351 Franklin Boulevard, Sacramento

Following the initial discovery of underground fuel contamination in the late 1980s, very limited environmental work was completed for approximately 10 years. In 2000, Stratus was retained and aggressively began a path to closure for the RP. Stratus selected, designed, and installed an SVE/AS remediation system to mitigate petroleum hydrocarbon impact to the unsaturated (above 40 feet bgs) and saturated (below 40 feet bgs) intervals of the subsurface. The remediation system was operated from August 2000 through April 2006, with intermittent (pulsed) operation completed near the end of the remediation project as influent contaminant concentrations declined to very low levels. The systems removed an estimated 4,138 pounds of fuel contaminants from the subsurface during this time period.

In September 2006, Stratus completed a post-remediation subsurface investigation at the facility. Several soil borings were advanced in areas with previously documented petroleum hydrocarbon impact to the subsurface; analytical testing of soil samples collected from these borings indicated that petroleum hydrocarbon and fuel oxygenate concentrations had been fully removed from the site, with all concentrations reported below laboratory instrument detection levels. After completing a period of post-remediation groundwater monitoring, which revealed negligible remaining petroleum hydrocarbon impact to groundwater, a request to close the environmental case at the site was submitted (August 2008). After obtaining concurrence from San Joaquin County Environmental Health Department (SJCEHD) and the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB), all of the remediation and groundwater monitoring wells were removed and a No Further Action Required letter was secured for the responsible party and property owner.

MTBE Impact to Groundwater (Upper Zone) -- November 2004


MTBE Impact to Groundwater (Upper Zone) -- August 2009