Former Commercial Bakery Site, Stockton

During the summer of 2007, Stratus was retained to provide consulting services for this project. At the time, no funding for the project had been secured, although the RP had initiated the application process for OSCA Grants with the SWRCB. The individual who retained Stratus had been named as a RP for the project after purchasing a property with previously documented fuel contamination. A previous RP had operated a UST through the 1980s and later filed for bankruptcy. At the time of the property transaction, the presence of fuel contamination was not disclosed to our client. The subject property is a partially vacant lot located in South Stockton, near Interstate 5. Within approximately 400 feet of the site, up to six other facilities have also been identified as sources for underground fuel contamination.

Stratus subsequently worked with the RP and the SWRCB in order to obtain two OSCA grants for the project (Assessment Grant and Cleanup Grant). At the time of the grant application, the RP was required to submit a scope of work which involved completing all activities associated with managing the environmental case to closure. These scopes of work were subject to RWQCB review prior to issuance of the grants. Using information obtained primarily during assessment and remediation pilot testing of the neighboring properties, Stratus developed assessment scopes of work, and tentative remediation plans to address fuel impact on the property. After obtaining approval from the RWQCB, the RP obtained a $435,000 assessment grant and an $800,000 Cleanup Grant in November 2007.

In under one year (December 2007 and September 2008), Stratus rapidly and aggressively completed site assessment work on the property and installed the wells necessary to implement remediation on the property. This included installation of monitoring wells within three distinct water bearing zones, at depths up to 70 feet below first encountered groundwater. Following completion of this work, Stratus prepared and submitted a Final Remediation Plan for the site in November 2008 and obtained RWQCB approval of this document in December 2008.

Immediately after obtaining approval of the Final Remediation Plan, Stratus again worked at a very accelerated pace and completed all of the necessary tasks needed to construct an SVE and AS system on the property. This included preparing design drawings, obtaining City, County, and regional air pollution discharge permits, and arranging for utility service connections. Stratus personnel constructed the remediation system during the late winter/early spring 2009 months, with start-up of the remediation equipment in May 2009. Cleanup of contaminants at the property is ongoing, with Stratus personnel performing all operation and maintenance work on the system. Cleanup success has been quick, and the project has a clear and defined regulatory case closure pathway.