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Upstream Petroleum Contracts Awarded To Stratus

Stratus secured two contracts with an international refiner for facilities in southern California. This work surrounds environmental and engineering support in relation to the petroleum hydrocarbon conditions at a tank farm and refinery facility directed by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board (LARWQCB) under a Cleanup and Abatement Order.

At the Refinery, Stratus is in the initial phases of dovetailing previously assessment data into a site-wide remedial process design, equipment specifications and procurement, piping layout, utility coordination, and will likely initiate site-wide remedial efforts in 2015. We will also be implementing our groundwater monitoring and sampling program and providing assessment services as required through the lifecycle of the project.

The Tank Farm project is more complex due to the site characteristics of a complexly stratified lithology consisting of multiple coarse-grained water-bearing lenses separated by low-permeability lenses. Additionally, the hydrocarbon impacts are semi- to non-volatile and have migrated vertically throughout the localized lithology with time, impacting the upper shallow water-bearing zones and the low-permeability lenses. Throughout this projects lifecycle we will be evaluating and modelling historical data, replacing wells that have been cross screened between water-bearing zones, conducting additional assessment utilizing Cone-Penetration Testing-Ultraviolet Optical Scanning Tool (CPT-UVOST) surveys, evaluating mobility of the remaining hydrocarbons, coupling the third-party landfill efforts to the Tank Farm efforts, determining areas of trapped LNAPL to expand remedial efforts, and developing long-term remedial goals focusing on methods that will drive the reduction of the residual hydrocarbons to closure concentrations.

International Oil Refinery

Tank Farm Terminal