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UST Management

Stratus provides underground storage tank (UST) management and related environmental services to commercial, industrial, institutional, and governmental clients. Stratus has developed an UST management plan to ensure compliance with federal regulations (40 CFR Part 280), local regulations, and industry standard practices. The plan includes an analysis of applicable regulations, specific application to the facility, and checklists to verify and maintain compliance. Routine operation and maintenance activities were developed to keep the UST system functional, in compliance, and to minimize the likelihood of a release or spill. Common repair actions can often require permits from a local environmental health department. The following list provides examples of some common upgrade or repair actions that trigger this requirement.

  • Any tank, sump, or under dispenser containment (UDC) upgrade or repair.
  • Any piping upgrade or repair (including relocation of existing pipes or installation of additional piping).
  • Monitoring system panel upgrade or repair involving re-wiring or re-programming (e.g. software/firmware upgrade with re-wiring or re-programming).
  • Modification or upgrades that are associated with the air quality control of the UST system (e.g. enhanced vapor recovery upgrade, in-station diagnostics, or vapor processing systems).