California UST Cleanup Fund Support

Who We Are

Since the company was started in 1999, Stratus has increasingly become more involved in supporting property owners and business operators that have used or are currently using USTs in California. These independent operators rely on the California UST Cleanup Fund (USTCF) for reimbursement of environmental costs associated with assessing the extent of contamination and subsequent remediation (if warranted) and ultimately closure of their environmental case. Needless to say, the process can be very involved and complicated in order to ensure that all State and local government requirements are met and to maintain proper regulatory compliance and overall good standing and eligibility with the USTCF.

Stratus is currently managing over 100 active projects that are funded by the USTCF, in over 20 counties, and to date, we have invoiced and successfully recovered over $40 million from the USTCF on behalf of our clients.

Stratus understands that most small business owners do not have the experience, resources, time, and/or funds available to meet all the demands set by the various governing agencies overseeing their environmental case. This effort can be somewhat overwhelming when combined with the normal responsibilities of operating a business in your own field of expertise. This is when one should rely on the expertise of a reputable environmental consultant; one that possesses the regulatory experience, technical ability, and staffing resources, along with a proven track record for quickly moving a site through remediation and case closure. Stratus is just that company; from working with numerous independent operators over the years, we understand just how important it is to complete the work as quickly as possible, while minimizing/preventing any financial burden to the operator.