What Makes Status Different From Other Companies?

With over 12 years in business, and a professional staff of 40 environmental engineers, geologist, and scientists, Stratus has been able to establish a strong presence and excellent reputation servicing the needs of those with contamination from gasoline and diesel USTs. Our company, which is run and operated by three owners who work side-by-side with the employees every day, is family-like in nature and is fiercely client-focused. Each of our project managers have more than 15 years of UST consulting experience in California and have worked hard throughout their careers to develop strong, long-standing, and mutually-respectful relationships with the regulators that are directing the work at open environmental projects. It’s not solely our capabilities and resources we can provide that sets us apart from our competitors; it is simply the way in which we provide these services – with common sense, frugality, and pride.

Stratus recognizes that environmental problems are not alleviated by technology alone. The total solution must account for all aspects of the client’s concerns and expectations, including operational issues of the business, financial concerns, job safety, state reimbursement eligibility, and third party liability. For these reasons, Stratus managers work closely with each client to understand and accommodate their operation and to develop an approach that best meets their personal and business objective.

Many consulting companies have the understanding and capabilities to adequately characterize the extent of contamination; however, managing a project through case closure requires a focused level of expertise and experience. For many sites, active remediation is warranted to address the contamination and to achieve closure. This phase of work can often be very challenging for many consultants and can lead to excessive spending and even increase the project life. Site remediation requires system design, permitting, and installation, and typically involves various agencies and commercial contractors. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects associated with this phase of the project. Stratus specializes in identifying the most efficient and cost effective remedial approach given the specific conditions at the site. Over the past 12 years we have gained extensive experience performing each of the necessary tasks associated with installing and operating soil and groundwater treatment systems. Remediation technologies that we have successfully installed have ranged from relatively small and simple treatment units to very large and rather complex systems.

We believe the overall success of a project is the measurement of key project components that accommodate the interests and meet the objectives of all parties involved, from the property owner/operator to the regulator. These components usually include length of time to achieve closure, overall project cost, disruption/interference to business or tenant, containment of 3rd liability, future property use or restrictions, and of course safety. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet those expectations by combining our “small company” personalized approach and flexibility to client service with our broad range of technical expertise and resource capabilities.